Some Nicaraguan Cuisine

Here is a look at some of the delicious food I have gotten to try this summer.

Tostones: like huge plantain chips. Really good dipped in refried beans.

Fried mature plantains: they´re sort of sweet and I loved them at first but now they make me gag.

Gallo pinto (rice and beans) with some ¨salad¨ (which is usually just cabbage), and plantain chips.

Corn tortillas to scoop everything up in. So much better than the flour tortillas, and made solely with water and corn flour.

Queso, or cheese. Its very hard, crumbly and salty with a relatively sharp bite to it. Its so good. There is also another cheese thats the same just softer - less water is taken out during the cooking process. Its called cuajaba; its also very tasty.

Big, beautiful and ripe avocados.

Rosquillas: corn based cookies with honey and sugar sprinkled on top to add a sweet crunch to the otherwise bland cookie. But they´re really good and apparently people enjoy them dipped in coffee. Somoto is the town known for the rosquillas.

Amazing, always ripe and juicy mangoes.

Bananas. Obviously.

Pineapple. Only down here, the inside is white and its not as strong a taste.

An interesting fruit called a guyaba - there are small seeds inside that you eat and they´re actually the sweet part of the fruit. The outside, non-seeded part is a bit more bitter and sour but together the combination is fantastic.

A nacatamale - cooked in a banana leaf, its a corn based pocket filled with meat and vegetables. I didn´t try one but they are apparently very good.

This is a tamale, which is what I would get instead. Its almost the exact same except there´s nothing inside. Its just corn. And its made with ¨mais neuvo¨ or ¨new corn¨ so its sweet and very corny.

Elotes - new corn that is picked before it has turned yellow and cooked, usually steamed or barbecued. Its much harder to eat and not sweet but again, fantastic corn flavor.

Indio Viejo, or Old Indian, is made from plantains, tortilla and meat shredded into a thick soupish/ stew consistency. Very popular.

Can´t forget the refriend beans.

Then of course there are all of the fresh juices like mango, pineapple, watermelon, guayabe, lemonade, pitaya. Other interesting drinks include avena con leche (oatmeal with milk or water and sugar. It tastes like really liquidy oatmeal), pozol (milk mixed with ground cooked corn and sugar. At the bottom of the drink, all the corn and sugar sinks so you´re left with this delicious, think sediment. Mmmm) and coffee, which is really good as well.

That´s all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully you enjoyed this little tour of some of the interesting foods I´ve been eating (or seeing) this summer. Some are really easy to make at home, so if you feel like experiementing go for it!!


Naresh said...

Guyaba is Guayaba or guava. Popular tropical fruit that occurs in pink and white varieties, and is very good sprinkled with ground chili and salt. Available in tropical regions worldwide.

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