Heading South

So here I am, finally heading south to San Juan Del Sur. We left Esteli on Monday (yesterday) and picked up Brad, Megan´s boyfriend, at the airport last night. We were only supposed to stay in Managua overnight but ended up having to stay today, Tuesday, as well because Brad´s luggage never made it to Managua. Apparently, someone was too lazy in the TORONTO AIRPORT, to drive his one bag from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 because it was the only bag going to Managua. How crappy is that?? Anyway, hopefull we can get it tonight and we can be off to SJDS tomorrow, bright and early.

It was a teary goodbye on Sunday and Monday (for everyone else...I just don´t cry for those types of things). We wrote our little blurb on Edna´s wall (ours was by far the best ones there because ours were chunks of writing vs. one or two sentences). We gave Edna her gift we had brought down from Canada when Brittany and Becca came. It was a tote bad with sugar maple leaves on the outside; inside there was a Canadian towel, another reusable bag with the Canadian flag, a dish towel, some Moose Droppings (or as I translated it, the feces of this animal and I pointed to the moose), maple syrup and maple candies. We may have gone a touch overboard on the Canada apparel but oh well. Don´t you know we love our country, eh?? She also loved the little crystal dolphin and nail polish my parents bought her as their thank you for taking such good care of me, through my whole adventure there. Its weird to say goodbye to people and places you´ve seen or lived with the past 3 months. What will the house be like without us there?? We´ve been there to greet so many new people....will the family status we achieved continue? And Cafe Luz...who will keep it in business if we´re not there, almost every night hanging out?? I wonder sometimes how this world survives. Hahaha. If I can, I would love to come back to visit everyone who has come to mean something special to me over the last 3 months. It would be exciting and like coming home in a weird and twisted sense. But until then...Canada in 10 days!!

Once again, I just want to say thank you to everyone who followed my blog and participated in this adventure with me. Your support and comments always made me so happy and I thought about everyone when feeling down. Thank you. When I´m home or have some free time, I´ll try to post some more photos, so stay tuned!!


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